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EmpowOR is state-of-the-art, user friendly, web-based participant/client, services and results tracking software.

EmpowOR by CSST Software takes the latest in technology and security in combination with an understanding of how community action agencies and other multi-service organizations operate and use software.  With EmpowOR you get comprehensive training and support from people who ‘speak your language’—staff with extensive programmatic and reporting experience—and the kind of deep technical expertise that is only available with an experienced software development company.

This is a fully hosted solution so you can access the information you need from any device with an internet connection. 

EmpowOR state-of-the-art Features include:

checked icon Robust client management features—Easily view all services (no matter what kind of service or which program provided it) and program enrollments for a client, for the entire family, or for a group of clients and families

checked icon Presumptive eligibility—Screen for eligibility based on information provided; this can be combined with a universal intake process. 

checked icon Funder Required Reporting

  • Automatic CSBG reporting including ROMA Next Gen items
  • HMIS knowledgeable; built in/automated HMIS APR.
  • Approved for Housing Counseling (HCM system) and 9902 reporting
  • Built in PIR reporting for Head Start Program (Spring 2016)

checked icon Customize User Experience—by controlling the flow of data entry screens by using worker “templates” with the capability to assign to staff accordingly. Vary mandatory data entry fields based on program requirements.

checked icon Import and Export—allow for basic integration with other systems that produce CSV or other file types.  Import mapping of data to basic demographic fields and automated enrollment and service based on source file.   

checked icon Robust and Customizable Assessments—including built in assessments for homeless services, head start, early head start, crisis to thriving scales, financial capacity questionnaires; plus you can create your own. 

checked icon Extensive Reporting and Data “Auditing” features—easily drill down on summary data in reports to see clients/services making up the numbers.