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Community Action Agencies

We understand the particular history and role of community action agencies in communities across the country. Born out of the 1964 “War on Poverty”, community action agencies offer a flexible and community driven means of addressing needs and building on assets. The local approach underlines the variation; every community action is a bit different.

EmpowOR exists to serve multi-service organizations like community action agencies. We developed EmpowOR explicitly for organizations who have many different funding streams and programs. The flexibility that we have built into EmpowOR and our Launch Process Support and Training ensure that your EmpowOR implementation is as unique as your agency.

Of specific interests to CAPs:

  • Donor/volunteer tracking important for inkind contributions and NPI measures
  • Work Templates that can vary by program and worker role help manage programmatic complexity
  • Plug-ins for commonly operated programs—HMIS, Housing counseling, Foreclosure reporting, Head Start.
  • The outcomes engine that allows you to do calculations on existing information in the system
  • NPI reporting
  • Customizable assessments and customizable/generic case/enrollment pages allow you to collect funder required data for reporting
  • Workforce development/training templates
  • Head start PIR, HMIS APR, Housing Counseling 9902