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Ease of Use

EmpowOR’s innovative and customizable work templates and built-in data quality reports make it easy to get accurate information into the system. (As they say, GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out.) We think systems should be easy to use. Work templates allow administrators to control which data entry forms are viewed for which staff, what fields and records are required prior to program enrollment and/or service provision.

Since administrators can create as many work templates as necessary this can be used to help guide data entry by staff role and program requirement. Head start staff will see only head start data entry screens; Senior programs will only see data entry screens designated for senior programs. Data quality reports are based on entry of data in key data fields and their requirements, making it easy to scan for full data completion.

Further, our import and export functionality can get rid of double data entry. In some cases you need to use other database systems. EmpowOR’s ability to import demographic data and provide information in a wide range of exports and other means of integration to external systems means you can still combine all of your participant information into one place.