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Flexible and Secure

EmpowOR is written on a Services Oriented Architecture and .NET platform. It utilizes the latest SQL server technology and is written modularly so that different agencies can access different forms and functionality according to their specific needs. For example, if your agency doesn’t need homeless data gathering forms and reporting functionality, then you don’t have to pay for that functionality. Further, all drop down pick lists, check lists and other questionnaires are customizable by end users with System Administrator level access.

EmpowOR is accessed through a web-browser by any device with an internet connection. EmpowOR is mobile ready. Any page is mobile accessible; some ‘pages’ and forms likely to be utilized in the field are specifically designed with hand held devices in mind. Transmission of data is protected by 128 bit encryption through SSL, balancing accessibility with security needs that are critical for all agencies collecting personal information on their clients. EmpowOR is hosted at Miles Technologies facilities where there is 24/7 personnel monitoring the system. Internet services at Miles Technologies are through a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider.

These connections are reserved for Universities, Hospitals, and other large organizations that require 24/7 uptime with high availability and massive bandwidth utilization. Miles Technologies and its communications providers have multiple redundancies in place. The Miles Data Center has two dedicated, underground fiber optic lines taking diverse paths to the internet with high powered redundant internal routing equipment using OC-48 ring topology. This was designed so that one fiber line could be lost with no interruption of service. The OC-48 rings are also of a redundant design to prevent outages to the maximum possible extent.