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Second Generation (2G) & Bundled Services

As we redeveloped CSST into EmpowOR, Garrett County Community Action, one of our owners and partners, was in the midst of implementing bundled services and a 2 Generation (2G) approach to poverty alleviation. Garrett County Community Action had completed a strategic plan that identified the opportunity and strategic direction of integrating services, breaking down silos and focusing explicitly on results for families. A component of implementing this strategic direction has been a 2G focus working explicitly with early head start and head start parents–their financial management and career plans, the child’s early education/developmental experiences, and ultimately the family’s economic security.

Consequently, EmpowOR was built on the needs of agencies doing integrated holistic work with participants and communities.

  • Our participant and family dashboards,
  • Our comprehensive data collection forms and tools for capturing information on both services to children and adults,
  • Our innovative outcome engine, and
  • Our import and export capacities

All of the above were born out of experiences of implementing a comprehensive, holistic, participant-centered, and results driven approach to human services and community development.