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Training and
Launch Support

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We know that the successful implementation of a client/participant-services-outcome tracking system is a significant investment for an agency.  We are with you every step of the way to make sure you are set up to get the most from it.  In fact, training, launch support and end user support is one of our hallmarks! 

We will initiate a series of steps we call THE LAUNCH PROCESS that is focused on getting empowOr set up to operate for you!

There are 4 steps in
The Launch Process

Discovery — We learn about your agency, how it will use the software, which staff will be using the software, what programs and reports need to be generated, and we identify any integration with other systems.  

Set Up — We take what we learned in discovery and get EmpowOR operational for your training and foundational use of the system. 

We’ll set up basic participant and household info forms to be used in your “Core Work Template”; we’ll also set up preliminary versions of outcomes and outcome formulas. 

During this stage, if there is additional integration with other software systems, we will complete a detailed scope of work. 

Training & Documentation — We train three levels of users:

  • End users whose primary/only concern is seeing client data and entering client data within the confines of a work template. 
  • Managers whose concern is seeing aggregate information and reporting, and who may also set up new staff in the system. 
  • Administrators who are included in both of the other trainings, but who are also provided with a separate and more in-depth training about setting up programs, work templates, presumptive eligibility, staff security and set up, and outcomes calculations.

Usually this training is done via webinar—beginning with a 1 hour overview which everyone attends, 1 hour training for groups of end users organized by work template, 2 hour manager training, and a 4 hour administrator training. 

Launch Support — We know that no matter what training you have attended, sometimes new questions arise as you begin to use the system. Our launch support phase specifically addresses this with built in follow up meetings and facilitation of data quality review discussions. The level of support here varies based on your needs.

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On-Going Training 

We hold regular webinar discussions with our users.  This is an opportunity for users to raise their own questions and for us to review particular features and functions.

If you are interested in joining us for any of the following, drop us an email

Basic Conceptual Overview of EmpowOR and Sneak Peek
    11/9/15 11-12pm EST
Participants, Case Notes, Supplemental forms
    11/23/15 11-12pm EST | 11/30/15 3-4pm EST
Assessments, Work Templates & Dashboards
    12/11/15 11-12pm EST | 12/16/15 3-4pm EST
Community & Business Participants, Enrollments & Services
    1/6/16 11-12pm EST | 1/11/16 4-5pm EST
Programs & Program Rules
    1/13/16 11-12pm EST | 1/20/16 3-4 pm EST
Plans, Outcomes & Reporting ()
    2/11/16 11-12pm EST | 2/17/16 3-4 pm EST

Consulting Support

Think Outside, an innovative collaboration between organizational development consultants and Garrett County Community Action, is focused on improving nonprofit and public sector agencies' use of data and information to make strategic decisions, and implementing bundled and 2 Generation approaches to poverty alleviation. Today's rapid pace of change creates unprecedented challenges for nonprofits and government. Change is constant, but the necessary adjustments in the way people work are 'sticky' and often slow, sometimes too slow.

Increasing staff ability to collect, use and understand data is one of the most effective ways to better and more quickly address ever shifting landscapes. It is also an important component of being able to effectively bundle services around families and their needs. Harnessing the power of the information already collected--whether it is to report to funders and donors or to better tell our story to the public--is no longer just a "big data" capacity; it is an essential part of the adaptive capacity of successful nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. 

Think Outside offers consulting and training targeted towards

  • Improving organization's use and understanding of data, a key component of which is often understanding existing data systems.
  • Assisting organizations in developing implementation plans for 2 Generation and bundled services.

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Lessons in Data use and Data System Implementation

We can help you identify specific needs that should be addressed in the implementation of a data system. We look forward to working with you as you select and implement new participant and outcome tracking data systems. 

  • Client tracking systems don’t exist in isolation; when staff and programmatic processes take advantage of the strengths of a data system, there is a higher likelihood of successful implementation. 
  • Data systems, particularly client tracking systems, must meet multiple levels of needs. 
  • Front line staff need access to client level information and need clear easy to follow processes for data entry;
  • No level can be ignored in implementation and any one of them may be the focus of the initial roll out.
    • managers and directors need to monitor both staff and client activity and the requirements of the programs they are implementing.
    • executive directors and senior leadership need to be able to see data ‘rolled’ up to help them answer strategic questions.
    • funders want their reports accurately and on time.
  • Integrating data across many different systems can be difficult but is often worth the effort.  Let us help you decide if the cost is worth the expense. 
  • Client tracking systems must be able to easily generate reports for major funders of the agency.  If data is being tracked for funders in separate systems or excel spreadsheets, it significantly reduces the effort allocated to the agency wide tracking system. 
  • Be clear about where the ‘definitive source of data is’ for various kinds of information that the agency needs.  If the definitive source (meaning where people go for ‘trusted’ information)  is a spreadsheet on someone’s desktop, integrated data sharing goals will be more likely to fail. 

Key factors in implementing 2 Generation Services and Bundled Service Approaches

  • Offering truly integrated services and not just side by side services requires strategic vision and strong commitment of organization leadership.  Often there will be a high level person who is able to bring together both internal and external stakeholders and help shift processes.
  • Shifting staff process and mindset (getting to organizational culture) takes time, leadership throughout the agency, and managers who understand and believe in the approach.
  • A means of tracking and seeing data on entire families is critical to success; usually this means some form of organization wide data system.
  •  It is useful to conduct an agency inventory of existing data systems, who uses them, what is tracked and if it is required as a part of their implementation.
  • Understanding the variety of intake forms used in the agency and streamlining these is often another component.
  • Use mid level managers and front line staff to help identify actual means of better integration.
  • Offer new resources and tools to frontline staff, so it isn’t always about asking them to do more.  Be very specific about what staff are expected to do.  Listen to what they say.
  • The relationship of the frontline staff to the folks they work with is fundamental to this approach.  As frontline staff see families make progress on their goals, there will be more excitement.
  • Often identifying some source of funds to help families with the ‘little things’ that are usually not part of any grant but are critical to them achieving their goals. 
  • It will take more meetings and saying things more often than you think.
  • In terms of what you offer--Build on effective services that you have, identify what is missing and needed and find a partner or build internal capacity in it.

Think outside is one of the owners in EmpowOR and we believe it is a terrific participant data system for many organizations.  However, we are available to help you think about key pieces of implementation of any data system or rethinking your service delivery model. 

We look forward to hearing from you!